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Where do I even begin? Agh! 

I can sit here and tell you about when I first touched a makeup brush, that I have been doing makeup for 13 years now, and all about awards, however, it just doesn't represent me as the truest part of me. The person behind the brush.


You see, makeup artistry is more than just placing you in my chair and putting on makeup. I do this because I love connecting with my clients, sharing stories and talking about your event or life. I want to be sure that by the time you have left my chair you have felt welcomed, seen, and beautiful on the inside. I want you to leave better than what you came.


I love this industry because I love seeing the beauty within and making that come to life with conversation, as well as the brush. 

So! If you come to me for your next event and you are wanting someone to do just that: a makeover. I may not be your gal. If you are looking for someone to do your makeup that listens, cultivates a makeup story from who you are and the event you have coming up, then I am your gal. I can promise that you will leave glowing, confident, and like you have just had a really great time with a friend you've known for years. 

This is beauty to me. It is sharing your light with others. I hope to do that with every single one of my clients, who I now call a friend.

- Elle

Certified PMU | 2021

Certified Esthetician | 2011

Makeup Artist | 2008

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