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I know... BROWS

Everyone is talking about them! They can make or break a morning routine, be tedious little deviants, and even try to redirect your day with the direction they want to go in... and most likely not the way we intended. (lol)

I. Get. It!

From brow pomades, to powders, to pencils, to liquid pens, to gels, to soaps... (I think I've run out of breath even typing that)... It feels like alot!


And it doesn't have to be, but I do realize that it can take up a lot of time with our routine, and even be the one thing that redefines our entire face shape.

So- lets take a second to breathe... 

Cause I got you, babe!

I grew up in the phase of tweezing being a very "in thing", which means we didn't have proper education on brow grooming let alone what an "arch" was.

A lot of women, young and mature, are still having a hard time getting to know their own brows and what is best for their face shape. So, whether your brows are bushy, rounded, no arch, thinned out, fraternal twins, 3rd cousins,  or "non-existent", I am here to help you with mapping out a brow that is designed for YOU. This means listening to your wants and needs and also providing feedback to what would look great on you.


That being said...

My belief is this: The best trend in life is to go with your own! 

It is not to follow the current trend on instagram, because as we know... trends fade. So, let's go with creating a customized brow for you that meets your comfort level. We want it to feel aesthetically balanced to the eye where your brows just naturally flow with your face shape, brow and facial bone structure, and eye spacing.

I realize that brows are so incredibly personal to anyone, which is why it is so important for me to go over your perfect brow in detail before having the first session with you. 

I am here to listen, to care, to comfort, and to give you the

best gosh da*n brows of your LIFE! 

As a makeup artist for 15 years and going strong, I have seen all sorts of trends. I know what it's like connecting with a client, understanding how makeup choices are influenced by lifestyle, and I also know what it means to make sure you still feel like you at the end of the day. 

I decided to add permanent makeup, both Microblading and Microshading to my services, so we can start our day with our best brows forward

Taking the extra step out of your morning routine will make things easier. 



Let's get started. 



Microshading uses pin-like dots under the brow hair to achieve a powdered eyebrow look. 

Think of it like this...

You use a brow pencil or brow powder at home to fill in behind your brow hair to provide more color and depth. 

This is what microshading does. However, it is a semipermanent pigment that is deposited under the skin and fills in the brow with a natural and blended look. It can be as lightly shaded or as opaque as you prefer.



Microblading is fine hair-like strokes made in the brow to create a more natural hair-like appearance. This is great for all clients who want to add hair to areas that are sparse, losing shape, or just want to have a brow that is as natural looking as possible.


(Often used with microshading for a "combo brow")


Microblading and microshading are great together for adding both hair-like strokes and density to brows. It's the best of both worlds combined.

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